Tatvik TMF20 - Biometrics

Tatvik TMF20 Single Fingerprint Scanner

A Biometric device is a security identification and authentication device. Such devices use automated methods of verifying or recognizing the identity of a living person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. These characteristics include fingerprints, facial images,irisprints and voice recognition. A biometric sensor is a transducer that converts a biometric treat (fingerprint, voice, face, etc.) of a person into an electrical signal. Generally, the sensor reads or measures pressure, temperature, light, speed, electrical capacity or other kinds of energies. Biometrics uses fingerprint or facial scans and iris or voice recognition to identify users. A biometric scanning device takes a user's biometric data, such as an iris pattern or fingerprint scan, and converts it into digital information a computer can interpret and verify.

Other Details

  • Lightweight and durable design.
  • Captures high-quality fingerprint images.
  • FAP20 - Large active platen area.
  • Embedded FMR extractor and matcher.
  • Encrypted USB communication.
  • Secure boot with RSA Signature Verification.
  • Finger capture and extraction module in TEE (Trusted Execution Environment).
  • Secure processor with hardware RSA key store, Signing, RSA-2048, AES-256, SHA-256, TRNG.


  • Individual verification
  • Aadhaar authentication.
  • Identification among embedded local set.