Aadhaar Kit 3M Cogent

Aadhaar Kit 3M Cogent

3M Cogent UID Aadhar Kits are one of the most efficient and highly sensitive devices offered by our premises at a very genuine and eminent market price.


  • AADHAR Enrollment Kits are used to enroll large groups of people for certain schemes mostly promoted by Government & NGOs. They are used widely for enrolling citizens by local or central government organizations, UID Aadhar, NPR, National ID projects, World Bank and UNESCO schemes.

Cogent Biometric Kit

  • CS500e 3M Cogent LiveScan for Ten Fingerprint Capture.
  • CIS 202 High-Speed Dual Iris Scanner.
  • In addition, we can provide Logitech C 310 Web Camera for capturing Photographs (Rs 2000 including VAT for Single Unit).
  • 3M''s engagement is currently in following 2 types of requirements Enrollment Market and Authentication Market.

For Enrolment Market

  • Enrolment Kit, comprising of combo of One Fingerprint "Slap" scanner 3M CS 500E and One Iris Scanner 3M CIS 202.
  • 3M Stack : 3M Model CS 500E & CIS 202 respectively.
  • Brochure is attached here.

Typical Buyers

  • Enrollment Agencies (as listed by UIDAI).
  • UIDAI Registrar"s.
  • State Government/Nodal Agencies for Permanent Enrollment Centres (PEC).
  • CSC (Common Service Centres in your region).
  • Police & Law enforcement agencies.
  • Banks, Insurance, Telecom, companies for eKYC projects.
  • Government Departments for Aadhar projects.
  • Banks, Financial institutions for their 2-factor authentication needs.